Cofresi Dominican Republic

Cofresi is considered the most romantic of the top destinations in the Northern Dominican Republic, as this beach town is mostly known for the many couples that choose it every year for vacationing. It is also considered a great place for families, and no wonder its beach resorts and many luxury villas scattered across the hill are always fully booked throughout the year.


Some people associate Cofresi and its beach with the main resort there of the same name, although there are more hotels and a long list of Cofresi villa rentals outside the Cofresi Resort so beware of a review when based just on 1 specific resort. As in any other place, the list is extensive and most will do an excellent job with their guests.


The beach is the heart of activities in Cofresi, the main reason people love this town of Puerto Plata. It is located inside the bay with the same name, with several hotels facing it. On the East end there`s the Ocean World marine park, and on the Western end the new villas and Lifestyle Resorts. The beach is accessed via the hotels and also via a public area right past the resorts, via the main street.


A good number of private villa rentals sit on the hills of Cofresi, from where the vistas are just amazing. This has made this destination a preferred spot for families and couples in the North Dominican Republic. The villas are like mini resort, offering chef, driver, maid, and all the essentials found on most resorts.


This vibrant beach town is home to world famous Ocean World marine park, which is the most complete tour attraction in the North Coast; it also offers a casino, bistro restaurant, terrace, and the marina, where yachts are kept and maintained in the area. The park features several shows with marine species, including dolphins, seals and sharks.

Cofresi, Dominican Republic
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