Cabarete Dominican Republic

A small beach town with its own character, Cabarete is considered a gem for those who have experienced its mesmerizing nightlife, extreme water sports, and its soothing, relaxed beach life. Cabarete is where it all happens: people from as far as Nordic countries, Europe, The States, Canada and other latitudes seem to mingle cultural traits into a seamless experience a bit similar to South beach, but much, much better. The Cabarete Beach website has a lot of information on the town’s lifestyle, restaurants, rentals and more.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Aerial view of Cabarete, by Michel Crosier


It all started back in the 17th century when gorgeous African princess Anna Madgigine (who was abducted into slavery from Senegal) was sold to Zephaniah Kingsley from Britain, and he fell in love with her. Discriminatory laws in Florida at the time forced them to find a new home, so the family moved to the North Dominican Republic around 1835 (what is now Cabarete) during the Haitian invasion of Eastern Hispaniola in 1822-1844.

For a long time, Cabarete was just large empty lots and farming land belonging to the Kingsley family, until around the mid 80`s Canadian Jean Laporte discovered its potential and opened a windsurfing school; then a few years later the first windsurfing championship was hosted here, and kiteboarding landed in town on the late 1990`s. Today this is one of the top destinations inside Puerto Plata, and the top choice for surfers.