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Puerto Plata
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Taxi service in Puerto Plata is available around the clock, from the local association and private companies. Travelers can get airport transfers, tour shuttles and per-day private driver services at a fixed rate. The vehicles are varied in size, from 7 passenger vans to standard sedans for 5, and larger vans for 12, 14, 19 and even more passengers. The rates vary, see below for more information. To make a call from a mobile phone, just touch the telephone number, or initiate a WhatsApp chat by pressing the link.

Avenida Ysabel de Torres, Puerto Plata DR 57000 OPEN 24HRS WhatsApp Chat Click to call: 1-809-586-3330 

Calle Jose Del Carmen Ariza #28, Puerto Plata, DR 57000 OPEN 24HRS Tel. 1-809-586-5335

Cofresi Puerto Plata, DR 57000 Touch number to call: Tel. 1-809-586-3454

TECNI TAXI PUERTO PLATA Avenida Manolo Tavares Justo #14, Plaza Ortega Puerto Plata DR 57000 Tel. 1-809-320-7621 Business Hours: Open 24HRS ________________

COMFORT TAXI PUERTO PLATA San Felipe, Puerto Plata DR 57000 Tel. 1-809-989-8809 Business Hours: 8am-8pm ________________

COSTAMBAR TAXI Calle Principal, Costambar, Puerto Plata, DR 57000 Tel. 1-809-586-5335 Business Hours: Open 24HRS ________________

TAXI JUNIOR PUERTO PLATA DR San Felipe, Puerto Plata DR 57000 Tel. 1-809-868-0432 ________________

COSTAMBAR TAXI STAND Calle Cristobal Colon, Puerto Plata DR 57000 Tel. 1-809-970-7318 Business Hours: Open 24HRS ________________

BROTHERS TAXI POP Calle Camino Real Esquina Teresa Suarez, Puerto Plata DR 57000 Tel. 1-809-256-4990 Business Hours: Open 24HRS ________________

DOMINICAN CHEAPER TRANSFERS Carretera Luperon Km 3 1/2, Plaza El Doral, Puerto Plata DR 57000 Tel. 1-829-580-5378 Business Hours: 8AM -11:00PM ________________

TAXI TURISTICO POP ROBERT M. Maimon, Puerto Plata, DR 57000 Tel. 1-809-983-9126 ________________

POP AIRPORT TRANSFERS Calle Beller,  Puerto Plata DR 57000 Tel. 1-809-261-3340 ________________

JAVILLA TOURS BUS STATION Avenida Coronel Caamaño #18, Puerto Plata DR 57000 Tel. 1-809-261-3340 ________________


Puerto Plata has it all for the perfect Caribbean vacation, and the local taxi services offer quick access to the best restaurants, shopping, tours, attractions and many other interesting places tourists and locals can visit. POP airport being only a 20-minute drive, or museums such as the Puerto Plata Amber Museum where scenes of the film Jurassic Park make reference to.

Historical places such as the San Felipe Fortress, the local POP Fire Department, the Gregorio Luperon Museum and the gorgeous Victorian-era historic district are part of the must-visit tours when visiting Puerto Plata. Taxi drivers in Puerto Plata also take customers to attractions and beaches of Sosua, Cabarete, Cofresi, Costambar and even father out regions such as Cabrera and Rio San Juan, where natural attractions such as the Blue Lagoon and the Dudu draw thousands of visitors every year. Local taxi drivers pick you up from your private Dominican villa rental or Puerto Plata hotel lobby.