Fricolandia Puerto Plata

Fricolandia Puerto Plata is one of those unique natural places that become a landmark to any destination. An hour and a half from the city of Puerto Plata, specifically in the El Castillo community, in the municipality of Luperón, This exquisite dream destination offers the client the option of choosing between making a reservation for a reasonable price that includes lunch and drinks service; or the possibility of bringing your snack, while enjoying all the attractions of the place.

The innovative enclave has 32 bungalows or gazebos with capacity for 20 people, located on the shores of a beautiful beach with gentle waves and breathtaking view, ideal for the enjoyment of the whole family. Among its main attractions are yacht and jet ski rides. In addition, it has a swimming pool, a playground for children and a space for camping. On the gastronomic side, the establishment has two restaurants; one buffet style and the other a la carte.

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Breathtaking Vistas

It also offers a barbecue area that clients can use with prior reservation. According to its owner, Francisco Alberto Gómez, Fricolandía is an innovative tourist space, designed so that the client feels at home. An earthly paradise that is a privilege for those who visit it. “Each of our spaces is designed from my perspective as a tourist, that is, I offer my visitors the attention and services that I would demand in any other destination.

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An Escape in Luperon

Fricolandia is the perfect corner to connect with nature and get away from civilization ”, said Gómez. “Fricolandia treasures a dreamy natural charm, a destination that offers a postcard for the memory of those who visit us, we also have a modern and chic architectural decoration, which is why many choose us as the center for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, family parties and even business ”, argued the owner of the place.

According to testimonies of its visitors, Fricolandia is an unforgettable place that combines the beauty of the sea with nature and offers much peace and tranquility. Find Fricolandia on Instagram: or you can make reservations by Whatsapp messaging: 829-801-1479. Best time with less crowds Thu-Sat, Sundays can get very busy.

Cost: The cost of Fricolandia is RD$700.00 (USD$13.00) or $1,500.00 (USD$27.00) if including buffet. +5 yrs old children pay only $750.00; additional a la carte restaurant and international is available, with prime seafood. The swimming pool area cost is RD$1,500.00; Visitors can bring their own food and drinks, and make use of complimentary BBQ, includes charcoal. 

Extras: Watercrafts such as a Jet Ski and Banana Boat can be booked at Fricolandia, and the cost is RD$6,000 (USD$115) per hour for a Yamaha Wave Runner, or RD$2,000.00 (USD$45.00) for a 15-minute ride in the banana for 5 people. Helicopter rides are also available, for 3 passengers who might want to be taken to and back of this destination by air, or explore the area. 

Nearby Attractions: nearby attractions you might want to visit are La Isabela, the first Spanish settlement in the Americas, also the Taino Museum.

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