Sosua Catamaran charter

Sosua Catamaran charter tour is the ultimate experience when visiting the Puerto Plata region with family and friends. This exotic Lagoon 52 was modified to fit large parties of 21-30 guests, offering various areas in its wide body: a bridge lounge, trampoline, ample deck, covered area in the back and interior, salon, bathroom and room.

The catamaran has a length of 15.85m (52`), with a 8.60m beam, and 1.50m draft; the foredeck includes the Jacuzzi over the trampoline, flanked by the deck on both sides as is customary for Lagoon catamarans. it is fully staffed, also includes a powerful sound system guests can plug or connect into to play their favorite music from their phones, Youtube, or mp3 players.


What`s included in the Sosua catamaran charter?

The cruise tour includes a case of beer, sodas, water bottles, rum and treats such as wings or ribs with bbq sauce. Guests can bring any extra food or drinks as desired. An on board BBQ grill allows for cooking while sailing, great for those who like to cook for the party.Ā  snorkel gear is included, also life vests so you can float effortlessly when snorkeling.

What are the cruise time schedules?

The tour is available from 9am-1pm 1pm-5pm and sunset charter from 5pm; The catamaran departs from Sosua Beach, sails along Casa Marina, Alicia Beach, Imbert Beach and stops at the top reef areas where tropical fish are found along the coast, including The Sosua three rocks, a snorkel site near Infiniti Blu.

What type of fish do we see in the tour?

The tropical fish variety in Sosua brings us Caribbean species such as the Atlantic Blue Tang ( Dory from Finding Nemo), Yellow tail snappers, Sergeant major, Blue Chromis, Parrot fish, Caribbean reef squid, spotted drumfish, French grunts, Butterfly fish, Angel fish, and many more. ( see the marine species at the Sosua Beach marine life guide).

The Sosua catamaran charter is an exciting tour for weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays or just to relax on a sailing tour as a romantic couple or family private charter. Decoration and specialized catering can be arranged ( the photos in this listing show catering shafing dishes and flowers) you can also order professional photography for your events in the catamaran cruise. Rates start at US$1300.00 for 1-20 people. Book it today:

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For the Ultimate Yacht Party, there are more boats available:

Puerto Plata boat rental, the Fountaine Pajot by Sosua Catamaran.
43′ Fountaine Pajot

If you need more yachts to put together a big yacht party take a look at these other options by Sosua Catamaran. The Fountaine Pajot is the newest addition, with capacity for up to 18 passengers. A Privilege model can add up to 25 passengers. Other available yachts can make space for over 100 guests for the ultimate all-inclusive Sosua Yacht Party in Puerto Plata.

Private Catamaran Puerto Plata
52′ Privilege Catamaran