San Felipe Cathedral is one of the top landmarks of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Built on 1956 over the ashes of the older, 14th century structure (burned down during the restoration war of 1863), the building follows a modern Victorian architecture. Two imposing bell towers flank the main facade, while a vaulted ceiling extends the whole length of the building, ending on a large single dome at the end.

San Felipe Cathedral: History

After the first structure burned down, the works on the new church were started in 1870, then reconstructed in 1929 and completed in 1956 when Rafael Trujillo commissioned the works that were completed by Tancredo A. Castellanos; An earthquake in 2003 affected the building, so more renovations took place in 2009.


This is, until today, the most important religious building in Puerto Plata. On 1996 Pope John Paul II created the Diocese of Puerto Plata, giving this church the rank of Cathedral. The Cathedral is located in Puerto Plata`s centermost park, overlooking the old Victorian-era district of gingerbread homes and commercial buildings. Many activities and events take place in this park, where local people often come with children to enjoy quality leisure time.

When the Bells Toll

Several times a day, the bells are rung announcing the start and end of mass, and the church gets crowded. Tourists visiting Puerto Plata also flock in herds with a tour guide to be shown the interior of this majestic, historic piece of Dominican history and religion. Every year, the Puerto Plata Patronales festivities take place in the Cathedral, the independence plaza and several cultural centers.

The St. Philip the Apostle Cathedral is located in Calle Jose del Carmen Ariza #36, easy to find in a map or by asking for directions.

San Felipe Apostol Cathedral
Calle Jose del Carmen Ariza #36
Puerto Plata Tel. 809-586-2362