Geko Piscina Park

Geko Piscina Park in Cabarete is a one of a kind organic experience as it sits right next to the Yasica river, offers a great restaurant open to walk in customers and adds a few extras such as a swimming pool, bar, botanical flower garden experience, camping and fishing. It is the ideal place just 15 minutes from the heart of Cabarete, towards the way to Jamao.

The location has plenty of parking area, and we walked into the bar/restaurant area that surrounds the swimming pool, found out there are various areas to choose from in and around it, including a spot right on the river shore with incredible vistas. Geko has a full staff that does a great job, very dedicated. As an ecolodge, it offers many options for all sizes and at great, affordable rates.


What types of rooms does Geko offer?

Geko offers various options worth considering according to your needs; they have an A-frame cottage by the river, our favorite because of the size, style and location. Also a studio that can accomodate 6 people with 2 double beds and 1 sofa bed; The studio has a kitchen, and bathroom. There is also the submarine room, a great option with several bunkbeds to accommodate a larger group. Camping is also available at Geko, and their rates are great for all these eco lodging options. Visit their website to find out more about the rates and facilities.

What type of food is served?

The restaurant at Geko has a simple fusion of local and International dishes such as Mexican (tacos), Italian (pasta), chicken wings, cheese fingers, burgers, chicken nuggets, club sandwich, BBQ wings, Pizza and Dominican style food made with love by a great chef. The best part of this ecolodge is the Dominican fog├│n, a rudimentary countryside, clay made kitchen available for visitors to use.

The yasika river
The Yasica River next to Geko Piscina Park

Top Activities in the area:

Geko Piscina Park includes the swimming pool, river fishing, billiards table, board games, dominoes, good music, great botanical flower gardening throughout and a set of additional activities featured in their website. The location is ideal to launch eco tours such as La Boca, horseback riding, river tours, Rugama park tour, El Choco national park cave trekking, The cabarete lagoon, SUP, and much more. We really chose to enjoy the amenities at Geko and stayed there all day eating, drinking and just relaxing.

Directions to get there:

Finding Geko Piscina Park is fairly easy, just drive about 15 minutes from Cabarete and make a right turn towards Jamao when you reach the junction of highway 21 and highway 5 (turn towards Jamao instead of going towards Sabaneta). From there the drive to Palo Amarillo is a short 5 minute drive. A sign on the road (left side) points the way, be sure to drive about 50 meters, turn left and after a few gates there it is.

Contact: 809-804-1454 (9am-8pm, closed on Wednesdays)
Camino las tres Damas, entrada del play, Palo amarillo, Sabaneta
GARMIN GPS: Latitude -34.119980 Longitude -18.841260

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