Puerto Plata Umbrella Street is part of a worldwide trend of charming, colorful promenades where visitors get an assortment of the best a city can offer, from exciting cafés (such as El Rincón del Café) where we get to taste an impressive selection of organic Dominican coffee from small local producers; or a Natural Ice Cream right next door to it, when you fancy a sweet treat.

Vitts and Bar 1920 

Also places such as Vitts, a chic café bar with an exquisite bar and menu to share with best friends and family. Bar 1920 is also another interesting spot you can’t miss when you visit Puerto Plata Umbrella Street. The patio at Vitts has the classy style of the old buildings in Umbrella Street, which is part of the Puerto Plata Historic Center. It is located right across the Rincón Del Café.

Photo Gallery: Umbrella Street 

Umbrella Street Shopping

Here visitors find beachwear stores such as Coco Rallao, offering a superb selection of swimsuits and accessories for men and women, including jewelry, tote bags, hats, shoes and other useful beach wear items. Island Life Souvenirs complements the offer with a selection of gift shop items tourists and locals will find of interest to explore.

Zona Bici

One sure way to get to know the Puerto Plata Historical center first hand is by bicycle, and Zona Bici is the rental service that can make it possible. The rental shop is right next to Coco Rallao, and the rental costs around US$8.00 for a one person bicycle per hour. The opening hour is 9:00am and you can get in touch with them at (809) 885-6003. They are also in the colonial zone of Santo Domingo.

Espigon Cigars


Those who enjoy the pleasures of a good hand made cigar, specially the Dominican ones, will find the Espigon Cigars hand rolling experience a great experience to try. Located right at the entrance to the Umbrella Street, this cigar store offers a serious crash course on cigar making, where you can try and buy your own stash.

Umbrella Street
Calle San Felipe between Beller and Duarte.
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic 57000

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