Monkey Jungle DR is the first and most complete park of its kind in the island, nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Sosua, Puerto Plata. The park stands as a captivating sanctuary that offers visitors an engaging experience with nature’s mischievous and endearing creatures, and an incredible effort as a free clinic to the less fortunate, as all proceeds go to donations.

The park spans over 300 acres of pristine tropical forest, providing a safe haven for a diverse array of primate species, mainly capuchins and squirrel monkeys.

The park’s mission is not only to provide visitors with an immersive experience but also to promote wildlife conservation and education.

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Monkey Jungle has two venues for your enjoyment. A 4,500 foot, 7 station ACCT certified zip line and an ancient 5 acre grotto with over 20+ squirrel and capuchin monkeys.

As you venture deeper into the park, you’ll encounter the stars of the show—squirrel monkeys. These playful and sociable creatures are known for their acrobatic displays and entertaining antics. Visitors are often treated to an opportunity to interact with them under the careful guidance of trained staff. It’s an experience that creates lasting memories and fosters a deeper appreciation for these intelligent and endangered animals.

The park was founded by Chuck and Candy Ritzen, with the aim to help impoverished communities in Haiti and the DR. Monkey Jungle was inspired by the Haitian and Dominican Assistance Corporation (HADAC) which was formed in 2008 by Chuck and Candy Ritzen. Chuck & Candy were two entrepreneurs from Nashville, Tennessee who dedicated their lives to improving the lives of those around them. 

The Monkey Jungle tour also includes engaging feeding sessions, allowing visitors to witness the monkeys in their natural habitat. Guides offer fascinating insights into the feeding habits, social structures, and unique behaviors exhibited by different primate species. Such educational experiences contribute to raising awareness about the importance of primate conservation and the preservation of their habitats.

While monkeys steal the limelight at Monkey Jungle, the tour encompasses much more. The park is home to an extensive variety of flora and fauna, including vibrant orchids, exotic birds, and native reptiles. Nature enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the captivating beauty of the tropical rainforest, enjoying picturesque walking trails and serene river vistas along the way.

For organized tours with transfers contact the Puerto Plata Concierge. Those with transportation can contact the park directly and use the map to get there, following the El Choco road.

Carretera El Choco, Sosua
Tel. (829) 554-2425
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