March 17th was the day Cabarete celebrated the 4th edition of its Carnival, a colorful event that showcases the burlesque and grotesque in a vibrant, funny way that entertains visitors from all over the world and the Dominican Republic provinces.

Several groups wearing all sorts of costumes danced to the local music marching down the Callejon de la Loma, a famous strip of Cabarete lined with restaurants, homes and shops ( same street that leads to El Choco Caves ).

Tourists grabbed chairs and stools in the bars and restaurants, and locals walked and waited along the road to take photos and videos of the exciting parade. Down the main highway 5, the groups blocked the road for a good 20 minutes, then headed to the center of Cabarete and the beach.

At the beach, tourists had a great time and many took their kids for photo ops, some laughing and others crying at the wild masks of all sort of local characters such as the Cojuelos ( devils ), Roba La Gallina ( drag queens ), Taino natives, Arlequins, Pirates, Lechones, and so many more. The Cabarete Carnaval can also be followed via their Facebook page:

Dominican Top Ten was there to shoot images for this travel guide, we hope you enjoy it. There is also a video that can be seen below.

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