PUERTO PLATA.-In an atmosphere full of color and emotions, the queen and king momo of the Puerto Plata Carnival 2024 were elected, an event held in the convention halls of the Blue Jacktar Hotel in Playa Dorada.

Luz Bierka Yorlenis Rodríguez was crowned queen of the Puerto Plata 2024 carnival, while Alanna Michelle Díaz turned out to be the vice queen and Yinelis Ramirez Silverio, chosen as Princess.

In this version, at the head of a new board chaired by Jairo Reyes, King Momo Jesús Rafael Ramos was chosen, leaving the Amalio Morrobel Cultural Award institutionalized, falling into the hands of Rafael Tolentino, with a dedication to city  mayor Roquelito García, for his great contributions to culture and carnival, for more than 20 years.

It would be this Sunday that the carnival warm-up would be taking place, starting from the Puente Seco, traveling through the main streets and sectors of the city.

Updated Photos from the last day of Carnival

Puerto Plata 2024 Carnival Photo Gallery 1

We must highlight that the Puerto Plata 2024 carnival has a new stage that will range from Separation Street on the Puerto Plata boardwalk to Francisco Alberto Caamaño Avenue, where the participating groups will leave every Sunday from the Puente de la Guinea, doing first an exhibition at the children’s carnival, which will take place in the Plaza Independencia and then on the Malecón of this city.

The Puerto Plata 2024 carnival began on Sunday, February 4th at 2:00 in the afternoon, and the artistic presentations were held in the Amphitheater, starting at 7:00 at night. The last day of the parade was staged right on the malecon on March 9th.

Carnival Gallery 2

The Puerto Plata Carnival Exhibition

An eye-catching exhibition about the Puerto Plata Carnival 2024 is open to the public for free at the Eduardo Brito Culture House in this city.

There, Taimáscaros costumes and masks are exhibited, among other outfits representative of the Puerto Plata Carnival, which can be appreciated up close by the population and tourists until Tuesday, February 27.

“These elements of the Carnival highlight our cultural traditions of the Taíno, European and African ethnic groups originating from the colonization of America,” said the provincial person in charge of Culture, Franco Feliciano.

The official pointed out that the initiative for the aforementioned exhibition came from the Puerto Plata Carnival Union (UCAPPLATA), which is currently chaired by the cultural manager Jairo Reyes.

2024 Puerto Plata Carnival on Youtube