Free Activities at Amber Cove Port in Puerto Plata

Amber Cove Free Activities

One of the Caribbean’s hidden gems, Amber Cove Port in Puerto Plata, offers travelers a delightful assortment of free activities. A charming fusion of natural beauty, relaxation, and fun, the port is sure to leave visitors with lasting memories.

These 16 free activities at Amber Cove are great to either stay in port full day or as a compliment to the shore excursion time you book for half a day.

1. The Main Swimming Pool:
Nestled amidst the tropical surroundings, the main swimming pool is a sight to behold, located in the Amber Cove Aquazone. The spacious pool is designed to cater to visitors of all ages. Dive in, swim a few laps, or simply bask under the sun while enjoying the breathtaking views. Spend a few bucks at the Coco Cana lounge bar or order from their menu if you feel hungry. If you’re on a tight budget visit Nathan’s hot dog food truck to get a quick bite.

The pool at Amber Cove port
The free pool at Amber Cove port

2. The Pool Slide:
A favorite among the younger crowd (and the young at heart), the pool slide promises a rush of excitement. Slide down the winding structure and make a splash, the slide has two pipes, a double twister and a single twister.

Free pool slide at Amber Cove port
The Slide at the port is free.

3. Kids Pool:
Safety and fun go hand in hand at Amber Cove’s Kids Pool. It’s a dedicated area for the little ones, ensuring they have a great time while staying safe. This area includes loungers for the parents to relax and be able to keep an eye on their children. 

Kids splash pool
Kids splash pool

4. Loungers and Hammocks:
For those wanting to relax and rejuvenate, the port offers numerous loungers and hammocks. Take a book, nap, or simply watch the world go by as you lie down, letting the Caribbean breeze lull you into tranquility. These two top the list of essential Amber Cove amenities we list in this Port Guide.

The free hammocks
The hammocks are a quiet spot to relax on

5. Rest Rooms:
Clean and well-maintained, the restrooms at Amber Cove ensure that visitors have all the amenities they need during their stay. These are found right at the entrance when coming from the pier, and in other key areas as indicated in the information boards.

6. Nature Cove:
Nature enthusiasts, rejoice! Amber Cove boasts a serene Nature Cove, allowing guests to be one with the local flora and fauna. It’s a peaceful haven where you can take a stroll or indulge in some bird watching. There is interesting information boards on local amber, marine species and other cool details on the Dominican Republic.

Nature Cove
The Nature Cove at Amber Cove

7. WiFi in Cafes:
Stay connected even while you’re away. Most cafes at Amber Cove offer free WiFi, ensuring you can share your experiences with loved ones back home or simply catch up on some work.

Coco Cana restaurant and cafe
Coco Cana restaurant

8. Basketball:
For those wanting to burn off some energy, the basketball court awaits! Engage in some friendly competition and show off your hoops skills. This half court is located right after the kids pool and just ahead of the Crew Center store.

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9. Life-Size Chess:
Strategy enthusiasts will be drawn to the life-size chessboard. Play a game, and let the onlookers cheer you on. It’s not just about the game, but the experience! This game board is located at the East end of the port, at the end of the loungers area.

Life size free chess
Oversized chess

10. Free Zip Line Tickets with Amber Cove Cabanas:
Now, here’s the cherry on top! If you book the Amber Cove Cabanas, you are in for an exhilarating treat. Guests receive complimentary zip line tickets. Soar above the cove and take in the mesmerizing views as you zip through.

Zip line
Free zip line tickets are included in the Cabana rental

11. RickShaw Ride

When getting off the ship, you can walk the pier to do some exercise and enjoy the landscape vistas around the port, or take a free ride in the rickshaws. These bicycle powered shuttles are free, just don’t forget to tip the driver.

Free rickshaw rides
The free rickshaw rides from the pier

12. Merengue Dance Show

The Merengue Tipico Band and Welcome Dancers at the Carnival port of Amber Cove can teach you a quick step or two of this vibrant music genre native of the Dominican Republic. The colorful dresses mirror the tropical atmosphere and friendly people of the island.

Merengue Tipico performers
Merengue tipico performers
Merengue dancing
Merengue dancers

13. La Playita de Maimon

La Playita de Maimon beach is the small beach next to Amber Cove, free to anyone who wants to visit and reachable on foot if you exit the port, walk to the left and enter the road into the beach, between the Senator Resort and the port. There is a bar and restaurant here, also various gift shops, liquor store, a lagoon with tropical birds, parking  and security.

La playita de Maimon next to Amber Cove
Playita de Maimon beach next to the port

14. A Walk up the Sky Bar for the vistas photo op

Taking a walk up the stairs into the Sky Bar area can be a great thing to do if you enjoy taking superb photos of the port vistas, specially the ones including the pier and docked ships.

This high area is where the zip lines also launch from to zip over the port pool areas. The views are 360 degree, worth the walk up the steps.

A walk to the sky bar for the vistas and photo op
View of the port from the Sky Bar

15. A Walk in the Port

A Walk in the port can be another free activity to enjoy with family and friend, to visit the Marketplace, the gift shop stores, take great photos and just relax if you plan to take it easy the first few hours after arriving to port.

Walking at the port
A walk in the port is great to relax

16. Photo Op Oversized Chairs

Right next to the hammocks area we find a spot with an oversized adirondack chair and the Amber Cove port logo, one of the places for photo ops, also free. It has the pier and docked ships as the backdrop, also the over the water Cabanas.

Photo op chair
Photo op oversized chair

Amber Cove Port in Puerto Plata is not just another port stop – it’s a destination filled with adventures, relaxation, and memories waiting to be made. With an array of free activities, it ensures that every visitor leaves with a heart full of joy and a mind full of unforgettable moments. If you want precise information on the prices for paid amenities visit the Amber Cove prices page, that lists the cost of drinks, food, amenities, rentals and much more.

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