The 2019 Puerto Plata Carnival is celebrated every Sunday of February, and the team at Puerto Plata DR Guide was there on the second weekend, February 10th. According to Juan Oscar Souffront from the Carnival organizer ( UCAPPLATA ), this year there is a “bohio zone” which is a set up of Taino Huts where the various performers ( Taimascaros tribes ) will get organized and depart from.

Several extra VIP areas will be added, and a reorganized pathway for people and participant comparsas. Local Artist Nelson Mendoza was coronated as king Momo of this Carnival`s edition. The Queen this year is Alenny Maria Victoria. Brugal, the Ministry of Tourism and Lifestyles were among the top sponsors of this event. This gallery is sponsored by Golden Treasures Real Estate and Sosua Events.

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Update: the final day of carnival ( March 9th ) was even better than all the previous ones, with far more comparsas coming from all over the Dominican Republic, including Santo Domingo, Santiago, Barahona, Cotui, La Vega and many more. Here we have the photos we published on our Facebook page: