The local festivities (locally known as Patronales) are celebrated each year in Puerto Plata, on April for one week of performances, cultural and art exhibits, and religious activities. It is a great opportunity for locals and travelers to enjoy the best of local culture in DR.

The center of most activities is the Independence Park, same location where the Saint Phillip Cathedral is located, also the house of Culture. A daily mass will be held in the Cathedral on every Patronales, specially on the day of Saint Phillip, the Patron Saint of Puerto Plata.


On the 2018 edition artists such as Wason Brazoban, Fausto Rey, Anthony Jefferson, Roberto Pereyra and others delighted the crowds with their excellent performances. Several folkloric ballet and dance groups usually perform onstage, as well as local artists and theater plays. The 2019 edition will be held from April 25th to May 3rd. 


Those who enjoy fine music will find the symphonic concerts, lyric singers and jazz nights pretty delightful, and admission is totally free. There are many restaurants around the park, we specially like the Victorian Bar & Grill Casita Azul, very cozy with awesome food and staff; and El Bergantin. The Victorian style of the block and structures makes it very romantic, adding to its appeal for travelers and local connoisseurs.

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