Damajagua 27 Falls Puerto Plata

Damajagua 27 Falls is considered the #1 eco tour in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. This adventure takes you through 27 waterfalls through a tropical forest, where visitors jump from one to the next (helmets and lifesavers mandatory). Some of the jumps can be up to 25 feet high, so those who prefer to skip jumping use the wooden stairs instead. It is a very physical activity, and the park offers the proper gear and staff to make it easier.

27 Falls: What To Bring?

Since this is a purely aquatic tour, it means the clothing should be fit for sliding, jumping and swimming. The Damajagua park office has a list of what to bring (and what not to) to ensure the best possible experience when visiting the 27 falls:

  • Bathing Suit
  • Water-repelling closed shoes ( not sandals, not flip flops )
  • Waterproof camera
  • Small bills to buy refreshments (and do tipping)

Photo Gallery of 27 Falls


Damajagua: How long is the Tour?

The 27 falls tour in Damajagua requires plenty of walking, the first leg takes about 30 minutes up the dirt trail, through the forest, crossing footbridges and enjoying the flora diversity and birds. Upon reaching a rocky hilltop there is the first slide (or jumping) of waterfall #1 where visitors reach the turquoise pools one by one.

Most visitors will only go through the first seven falls, as the complete 27 “Charcos” (as known locally) take longer, more demanding efforts. The shortest tour takes about 2.5 hours, costs vary with the tour operator you choose, but far better to book with a tour operator as they will take care of transportation, food, and logistics in general.

Doing the full tour will take easily 4-5 hours from departure to arrival at your hotel or private Sosua villa rental. The best time to take the tour can be in the morning (less people) with colder water, or the afternoon (more people) with warmer water. Most tourists will visit around noon time, so expect crowds between Thursday and Sunday. The park is open from 8am-3pm.

27 Falls Tour Prices $$

The 27 falls tour itself is cheap, though getting there adds to the real cost; plus the logistics of transportation, food, refreshments and gear. The average tour will cost from US$75-89/person depending on how many falls will be reached and the amenities and service of each particular tour operator. It is much cheaper going on your own but then consider the cost to hire a taxi or rent a car; and deal yourself with tickets, food, drinks and gear rental.

ATV Adventure Near Damajagua

Damajagua also has a tour operator next to the park that is offering ATV tours in modern 4 wheelers that travel a local path of rivers, farm land and forest (as seen in the William Ramos video below). The contact information is in the Puerto Plata tour operators list we include in this article.

Damajagua 27 Falls Tour by Jordan Outside

27 Charcos de Damajagua – William Ramos TV ( en Espa├▒ol )

Damajagua: How to Get there?

You can drive there, book using one of the many tour operators we list, or book a guided tour with transfer from the Puerto Plata Concierge.

If you go on your own, reaching Damajagua 27 falls park takes about an hour from Puerto Plata, since it is located in Imbert, a nearby town. If you are staying in a private villa, the tour can be arranged by the villa concierge, who calls a local tour operator for you.

Driving yourself to the park you will take the Puerto Plata-Navarrete highway (Hwy 5 ), heading towards Santiago. Continue on the highway for about 20 minutes before passing through Imbert and a Texaco station on your left. Stay on the main highway and you will pass over one bridge on your way out of town before climbing a hill.

On your way down the hill you’ll pass a sign for Ingenio Amistad on your left and will cross another bridge. The road will then turn left and a large sugar cane field will open to your left. Up ahead you will see a large Brugal billboard. Just before the billboard you will see the AGRD kiosk on your right immediately opposite the dirt road entrance to the waterfalls.

Google maps also has the coordinates. Local Guaguas can also take you there for a small fee. Coming from Santo Domingo the Caribe Tour bus can drop you off in Imbert, just tell the bus operator you are going to the 27 Charcos park. The same when coming from Santiago.

In Google Maps:

puerto plata catamaran

Other similar ecotours in Puerto Plata are the Charco de los Militares and La Rejoya Waterfall Trekking, considered the most beautiful locations in the North Dominican Republic. Please be responsible and do not leave trash behind in any of these attractions.

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