Puerto Plata Horseback Riding

Puerto Plata horseback riding through the mountains, forests and rivers is one of the most exciting Eco-friendly adventures in Dominican Republic. While most tourists will look to the beach side of Puerto Plata (such as Playa Dorada) some will discover the mountain side on the other side of the highway, and explore places such as Sabana Grande, La uva, Mu├▒oz, or El Cupey. These are countryside lands with a diverse landscape and gorgeous vistas from the top.

We booked a tour with Lorilar Ranch, one of the oldest tour operators in Puerto Plata, run now by Sylvie Raes and a very dedicated staff. They offer mountain or beach tours riding on Bergantin beach, to gallop along the shore. We chose the mountain tour for its diversity of farm land crossings, rivers and the splendid vistas.


The Trail Highlights

The tour took us through a known trail along the small mountain towns, with several stops at local farms where we got to shoot the local life and some animals. After several river crossings we reached a small compound with a small colmado that sells beverages and snacks, a cantina-style restaurant that cooked us authentic Dominican food and a gift shop where we purchased local art.

Along the way we encountered several tour groups riding ATVs, which also stop at the Cantina. A very nice old lady there cooked us La Bandera Dominicana ( local DR dish made of Rice, beans, chicken, avocado and mashed plantain) and it felt glorious after the 2 hr ride. Our own way back we took another trail that included even nicer vistas of the ocean from the higher lands.

Puerto Plata Horseback Riding: How To Dress, What to Bring:

Cowboy hats, jeans and boots are the most ideal items to consider when dressing for this tour, but you can do with regular sport shoes and casual trousers. The tropical temperature requires lighter tops, a T shirt or cotton shirt can do. UV protection comes in handy, also a good camera or mobile with plenty of battery juice. It is recommended to have some spare cash for small stuff and tipping, staff at Lorilar Ranch deserves it.

Lorilar Ranch offers an interesting catalog of options that will suit every preference:

  • Beach Horseback Riding
  • Sunset Beach Horseback Riding
  • Waterfall Swim and Hike
  • Half a Day Mountain Ride.

We plan to try the Waterfall Swim and Hike, sounds promising, here a quote from the Lorilar Ranch website: “A Pleasant morning hike to a secret waterfall in Puerto Plata. This tour is not for people who just want to laze around at the pool but for nature and island lovers. Our trip takes us to a hidden waterfall in between the mountains just outside of Puerto Plata and will have you experience up close and personal the overwhelming flora and fauna of this tropical island.”

Rancho Lorilar Puerto Plata

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