Luperon Bay in Puerto Plata is, with no doubt, the most important, and naturally beautiful harbor in the entire Caribbean. This beautiful bay is located to the west of the Puerto Plata province, in a strategic location that makes it the safest harbor during the storm season.

The central mountain range stands in the way of these phenomena, making it very difficult for the eye of a hurricane to reach the bay. Even if a phenomenon moves near Luper├│n, its characteristics guarantee safety to the boats anchored inside.

Puerto Blanco Marina

The private marina in Luperon Bay offers important services for visitors, including a restaurant with open terrace, bar, and accommodations (12 rooms). Nearby beach Playa Grande can be reached in less than 10 minutes from the marina, and a host of other landmark attractions of the region such as Fricolandia and La Isabela (the first Spanish settlement in the Americas).

Fricolandia near Luperon, Puerto Plata
Fricolandia is near Luperon, a great landmark attraction.

A Perfect Wedding Venue

It is considered, worldwide, as an important point for nautical tourism of sailing vessels in the Caribbean region. The Dominican Republic is located on the sailing route between the United States and the Lesser Antilles. The existing infrastructure seems an ideal backdrop for yacht weddings in the Dominican Republic.

A Family Destination

Families sailing in the Caribbean stop here to resupply, and usually stay a few days before continuing their sailing route to other islands in the lesser Antilles. The natural attractions of the region make it perfect for these sailors to come enjoy the best of Puerto Plata and the DR.

Happy family sailing
Luperon is a unique sailing destination for families.

Demand for its services has risen, and a recent study concluded that, a Marina can help reduce the risk of exceeding the carrying capacity. This because a marina can establish ordered sites of adequate standard dimensions for the mooring of different types of vessels, so that it is possible to gather a large number of vessels in a relatively small space.


Boat Sailing Parties

Having the Playa Grande Beach, a marina, a hotel, bar and restaurant – not to mention the other amenities nearby -Luperon becomes the best sailing party spot of the North Coast, perhaps only second to Sosua yacht parties. The deck at Las Velas restaurant is perfect for hosting any type of event.

Friends yachting party
Friends can have awesome yachting parties in Luperon.
Luperon Bay Proposed Project

A dry marina with a shipyard, with a capacity for about 200 boats, would drastically reduce the physical load on the bay, thus the impact on the environment, especially during hurricane season. Puerto Plata is becoming a key player in the nautical tourism field, and plans are under way to make it the best in the island, if not the region.

Puerto Blanco Marina
Ave. Duarte, Luperon Puerto Plata
Tel. +1(809) 867-3442

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