Paso Melosa Puerto Plata is a one of a kind boulevard experience where the visitor can experience several options such as a bar with local and international drinks, ice cream shop, wine cellar, frozen drinks, coffee shop, deli sweets, cake, snacks and now pizza. Paso Melosa also has stores for clothing and accessories, and special days where fashion designers can show and sell their hand made and fashion clothing products.

The Victorian style architecture of the boulevard is taken from Puerto Plata`s oldest homes, an important heritage of the Dominican Republic and the North Coast. Each shop has a Victorian style home facade with different pastel colors, very reminiscent of Puerto Plata during the 16th and 17th century.

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Paso Melosa is located at #15 Separacion Street in the historic district of Puerto Plata, right next to Skina. It is very easy to find, just be sure to get parking space nearby. They offer birthday parties, and this seems just the perfect spot for that. The boulevard is sponsored by the Centro Medico Brugal, a great initiative from one of the top medical centers in town.

Paso Melosa
Calle Separacion #15, Centro Historico
Puerto Plata
Tel.(829) 648-1919

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