Bergantin Beach

Bergantin Beach in Puerto Plata is a pristine, sort of virgin and secluded beach East of Playa Dorada. This still undeveloped piece of paradise is known only to some locals and tourists who venture into it via the tour operators that offer horseback riding and ATV tours to its location.

This of course, until recently. Since the announcement of a large scale development project by Dominican Republic president Luis Abinader on March 2022 right next door, called Punta Bergantin, the media has taken this destination everywhere – specially when the project includes a marina, resorts, business center, a golf course and a movie studio by actor Vin Diesel (fast and furious). 

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A Fishermen Village

Playa Bergantin, as locals know it, has been a fishermen village for over 150 years. Still the boats can be seen below coconut palms, ready for the next day early morning adventure to find the Atlantic species served to tourists and locals in the restaurants. 

Where Munoz River ends

Playa Bergantin is where the winding Munoz river ends after sneaking its way from the mountains and through various locations in Puerto Plata, bordering the East end of Playa Dorada and ending right at Bergantin Beach. Rio Limonal also ends in this beach, on the other side of Punta Bergantin.

Two lagoons next to it will provide the perfect setting for the upcoming golf course design, hopefully similar to the existing one next door. This beach used to have an old pier about a century ago, where the sugar cane was loaded into ships, the produce from the Montellano sugar cane factory.

Drinks and Food

Bergantin Beach has three rustic style restaurants serving beer, pina coladas and rum mixers, along with fresh fish cooked right there on a Dominican Fogon, wood-fed. Snapper, Wahoo, Jackfish, Mahi Mahi and other tropical species are cooked the old way. The vistas are stunning, and the staff very friendly. We tried Guajiros and loved it.

How To Reach Playa Bergantin Beach

To get to Bergantin Beach coming West to East from Puerto Plata take the first entrance right before the Plantation by Star Hills residential community, and turn left two times. The road is pure 4×4 territory, expect lot of bumps, shallow pools and lots of mud. There is plenty of parking once you get there. 

ATV and Horseback riding tours offer daily excursions, be sure to visit the Puerto Plata tours page in this site and pick an operator. If you rent a vehicle make it a Jeep, or any 4X4 SUV that can go off roading. This is a perfect place to dip into its waters, enjoy a drink and the excellent views of Playa Dorada and the surrounding beaches.