Sonador River Yasica

Rio Sonador Yasica is one of those eco tours that make Puerto Plata the most complete destination in the Dominican Republic, a complement to its gorgeous golden beaches, forests, mountains, rivers and unique attractions.

Yasica is well known for its beautiful natural landscape, and the Sonador river is no exception. Its crystal clear waters are the ideal escape for families seeking for a refreshing place in the island’s North Coast.

Rio Sonador y William Ramos & Aquaman RD

A refreshing escape for locals

Dominicans have long enjoyed these rivers, specially on weekends, and often bring BBQ and portable stoves to cook and spend a whole day among the best of nature. To reach the river it only takes a short 15 minute walk by the mountain to reach the river bed, and the locals have named its stages as El Palo (the log) Cortina I (Curtain one) and Cortina II (curtain two).


Anything further than those points the river gets deeper, only recommended to really good and fit swimmers. Since the river is located within private land, there is a small fee to enter. The road is rough, better suited for a jeep. Because of the location, it will be far easier to book with a travel agent that handles the transportation logistics, lodging, food, drinks and activities.


One in particular offers Glamping ( glamour camping ) a trend that sounds just as exciting for those who truly enjoy nature at its best. We added some links to tour operators below, this is a non sponsored article courtesy of Puerto Plata DR.

The Sonador River in Science:

The Sonador river birth was explored by the Dominican Republic Speleological Society (DRSS) in 2015, a long and challenging dive. Their video “The logistics of nascimento del Rio Sonador” is available on Vimeo.

Dominican Tour Operators offering Sonador River:

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Photos by: Alejate Con Ale, & Van En Travel.