Juan Luis Guerra Puerto Plata

Juan Luis Guerra Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Juan Luis Guerra premieres the video of the single “Lamp for my feet” that is part of his album “Literal”, and that consists of 11 songs, including the songs “Singing bachata”, “Má pa ‘lante live people” and “ A heart in love”. The video was recorded in the city of Puerto Plata and shows beautiful locations of the “Atlantic Bride”.

The prominent Dominican interpreter has released the visual works of “Kitipún” and “I love you more”. Juan Luis Guerra Puerto Plata has become a trend online, and the disc has the distribution of Universal Music. The author has a page on Youtube, follow Juan Luis Guerra.

As he does in all his videos, in “Lampara Pa mis pies,” Guerra enlightens the viewer with everyday elements we might take for granted sometimes, but that at the end of the day, improve the quality of life of the human being: good music, the dance, the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us.

In the video, directed by Jean Guerra de Guerra Films, also responsible for the successful videos “Your Kisses,” and “Everything Has Its Hour,” among others, Guerra is accompanied by his band 4.40; it takes the viewer on a wonderful tour, for the most iconic places in the colorful city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, including the boardwalk, the Puntilla Amphitheater, the Cable Car and the Central Park lined with beautiful Victorian houses and its gazebo.

A dance body made up of children joined this wonderful trip, organized together with the Secretary of Tourism, dancing to the rhythm of the song with a very original choreography that also had Guerra and his musicians doing it perfectly. The North Coast of the Dominican Republic and specially Puerto Plata enjoy great weather all year long, and has many beautiful locations where tourists enjoy visiting every year, specially with the opening of a cruise port and another one coming in late 2020.