Teco Beach in Maimon, Puerto Plata is one of the beaches locals enjoy every weekend, a vibrant atmosphere of music, beer, water sports and good vibes. This beach is located West of Puerto Plata, on the other side of Maimon Bay, pretty close to the Amber Cove Cruise Port from Carnival Cruises.

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Teco Beach extends for about 2.5 kilometers, starting at the heart of the Maimon Bay. The 500 or so meters inside the bay are more secluded, great for beach walks with your favorite pet; the best part of the beach is a 2km stretch where some call it Playa Grande.

It is a natural treasure that is frequented not only by locals but also by foreigners who arrive on cruise ships to enjoy the extraordinary combination offered by the coastline and its nearby mountains, crystal clear waters, corals and abundant fish and shellfish.

It is an area where you can ride horses, ATVs and practice all beach sports. But also camping, because it is a safe beach thanks to its proximity to the Dominican Navy detachment. Do not miss the wonderful experience that is to visit Playa Teco, a place of dreams, virgin and with excellent parking space for all types of vehicles.

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Nearby Costambar Beach visitors also like to stop by Teco, specially those who arrive via Cruise ship to Amber Cove. There are food stalls at the beach that cook fried fish with side dishes, and of course many visitors go to Maimon’s famous paradas seafood restaurants to get the freshest fish in the island’s North Coast.Ā 

Teco is a great escape from traditional beaches we often visit on weekends, as the distance itself makes it feel more special. There is lot of music, dancing and friendly Dominicans every weekend, a perfect opportunity to mingle with locals as if looking back centuries when our ancestors did the same in this very same spot, the Taino.

Playa Teco
Maimon, Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic 57000

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