The smell of freshly brewed coffee is hard to beat. The rich satisfying sensation of coffee is due to the volatile compounds produced when we roast coffee beans. Rincon del Café (Coffee Corner) is the place to go to for truly demanding coffee lovers.

The variety and quality of their coffee has earned them a reputation among travelers and locals alike. Organic coffee is a hot commodity among tourists these days, and Dominican coffee is considered to rank among the top in the world.

We had a chance to smell various types of coffee through special packaging designed to allow buyers to feel the aroma before actually selecting their favorite ones. We had one of the founders blind smell three varieties, and he did pass the test, though it isn’t easy to memorize that large a variety.

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The Coffee Corner was born as an act of spontaneous madness of two friends (Alexis Payamps and Ambra Attus) who share a passion for coffee, a desire to do things right and to support the good people of our beautiful country.

From an article originally published by Bohio, Alexis recalled some memories; it is said that “waiting for the perfect climate will never allow planting; and believing that it will rain all the time will prevent the harvesting of crops,” so we started talking about this project in January and opened the store almost at once, on the 25th of March 2019, eager to share our products and ideas with the world.

We seek to create a cultural connection with coffee and producing communities, offering varieties of organic coffee from different villages of the Dominican Republic and showing the various processes of production, washing, roasting and preparation; the great efforts and care involved in getting a real premium and specialty coffee.

In our space we put within the reach of coffee lovers, not only coffee, but also accessories, decoration and ideas, handmade, thematic and fun gifts, providing space for artisans from the area and the country to present their products and benefit from the sale. In this way we want to collaborate with the sustainable development of coffee towns, the education of consumers and the well-being of artisans.

We provide an explanation about the world of coffee and its stages, from the tree to the cup, but we also talk about the people behind the coffee, since specialty coffee is one that can exist only thanks to the dedication of the people who make quality their priority; from the passion and knowledge of the coffee grower, to the skill of the roaster and the barista. When visiting Puerto Plata, stop by Rincon Del Café for a taste of the best.

El Rincon Del Café
Telephone:(829) 317-3768

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