Playa Luperon Beach

Playa Luperon Beach in Puerto Plata is a 1km stretch of golden sand beach, located at the entrance of Luperon Bay – the most important natural harbor in the island, and perhaps the Caribbean.

This beach now feels secluded, with very few visitors; it used to be very active in the years when the Luperon Beach Resort was operating. The resort now sits as a timeless sentinel guarding the beautiful landscape.

The beach is a light golden sand, creating a perfect contrast with the lush green tropical palms and the turquoise blue waters teeming with coral and marine life.

Playa Luperon Photos

Playa Grande Luperon

A section of the beach is known as Playa Grande, specially in the area where the mirador (vantage point) with the best vistas from West to East. Another smaller beach in the peninsula where the Luperon Bay begins, called Playa Chiquita. On the West side there is yet another small piece of gorgeous beach called La Rucia.Ā 

La Isabela and Luperon

La Isabela has historical value as being the first Spanish settlement in the Americas when Spaniards invaded the island, in what is known as the discovery of America. The first indigenous uprising also happened here, by the local Taino.

The Marina in Luperon
The marina in Luperon.

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