El Gallo Ecolodge

EL Gallo Ecolodge is an ecological project that combines the best of Puerto Plata’s natural landscape with a flawless countryside lodging experience.

It is situated in El Cupey, part of El Gallo Ruta Ecologica; an eco route that offers a connection with nature to all its visitors, an escape from the usual. Within the 22 offers that the route has you will find trails, camping areas, horseback riding, bicycle rides, local products and accommodation.


What type of Accommodations are offered by El Gallo?

El Gallo offers two Cabana options, with private bathrooms and their own showers. For the true Dominican experience there are mosquiteros (mosquito nets); closets and the ever classic tin roof experience widely used in DR campos. Their main offer is:

  • Villa 1 includes one queen bed and one twin bed.
  • Villa 2 has one set of bunk beds and one full size bed.

The Cabanas at El Gallo are all wooden, well built with professional grade as this peaceful retreat is the perfect escape from city life and their aim is a sustainable kind of tourism geared at families and special gatherings. There are hammocks in several areas, we got lazy and sprawled like never before.

Is there a restaurant available?

For those staying at the ecolodge, the menu at El Gallo reflects the local countryside cuisine, very traditional over open fire. Freshly picked ingredients, fruits, herbs and vegetables from the very own organic farm at this Eco lodge.

Their menu focuses in vegetarian food, thought they also cook meat when the customers request it. A day pass in the lodge is required to order food, as in all ecolodges this is not a walk-in restaurant.

El Gallo has over 200 free range chicken laying eggs, the best of organic produce ready for its customers. Their kitchen is very accommodating to the customers when it comes to custom ordering the type of food you enjoy.

What activities can visitors enjoy?

Any given day, visitors to El Gallo will start with a snack and a hike to the nearby El Gallo caves, a system that is reachable within a 20-minute walk from the Eco lodge. There are 3 small caves with a river that runs the center, and is believed that Taino indigenous people used these caves more than 500 years ago. Other less active tours offered by El Gallo:

• Dominican cooking lessons
• Permaculture Tour
• Medicinal Plant Tour

They also have plenty of board games, Dominoes, and books if you just want to relax and enjoy the mountain views. Other activities in the area are found in the tours section of this Puerto Plata travel guide. Top Eco tours are 27 Falls, El Charco, La Rejoya, the Cable Car, and horseback riding. A day pass is also available, contact El Gallo with the details below for more information.


El Gallo Eco Route:

This ecolodge bears the name of the Gallo community in Cupey, Puerto Plata, a place that receives its name thanks to the rooster breeding culture of its inhabitants, ; For more than a decade, it has visualized through its natural and cultural resources a potential for local development through Sustainable Community Tourism.

Since the end of 2018, the actors of this community began a process of recognition, articulation and enhancement of their resources through the creation of a self-guided model route.

The model route has a natural and cultural theme that offers visitors a unique community experience through more than twenty resources with potential tourist attractions, where you can enjoy the imposing nature, reflected in the Loma Isabel de Torres and the Pico del Gallo; the beauty of orchids and wild gingers; the enigmatic of caves and underground rivers.

In addition to the multiple and delicious flavors that delight locals and visitors such as: honey, leaf cheese, threaded bread, Creole hearth sweets, Creole empanadas, organic peanut butter and vegan options.

How to get there:

From Puerto Plata, just take highway 5 and right past Star Hills take the entrance to El Cupey. Then drive about 9 kms to Parque del Cupey (Cupey`s park) where you take a left, then drive about 600 meters and take the next left.

Drive straight about 800 meters and then you take a last left turn towards a small dirt road. A small portion of the trip would be better taken with an SUV, should drive slower with a sedan.

Loma del Gallo, El Cupey Puerto Plata
Contact: 1849-860-1414
ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/galloecolodge/
ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/galloecolodge/