Kaffe Restaurant Bistro in Puerto Plata might well be considered a flashback to the city’s Victorian past, a true museum of antiques placed with care in various areas to visualize life during the Victorian era (June 20, 1837 – January 22, 1901). To think you can savor great food and sip on your favorite drink among your best friends in such environment, it is a blessing.


A Window to a Glamorous Past

The building housing Kaffe was renovated entirely back to its original condition, according to the owner it belonged to the Nardi Family, and it was neglected for many years until its new owner saw the diamond in the rough, bought and renovated it as a centerpiece of the Puerto Plata Historic Center.

The house has a beautiful facade with a front porch supported with double pillars, in contrast white color. The interior features several areas for dining, each decorated with antique pieces that become perfect conversation pieces while we wait for food to be ready.

Queen Anne chairs, Louis XIV pieces and authentic ceramic flooring make this Restaurant-museum (our own definition of it) a unique place for connoisseurs to enjoy the fusion menu of international and local dishes. The patio in the back of this antique home has plenty of terrace furniture surrounded by mature trees, a great alfresco area for dining.

This is one of the favorite restaurants for Puerto Plata cruise ports passengers, local families and general tourists. It is easy to find when you are at the heart of Parque Independencia, just need to walk half a block around La Mariposa or Bergantin (The old Ladies Club House) building. 

How To Get There:

Kaffe Restaurant
Calle Profesor Juan Bosch (Antigua John F. Kennedy) #42
Puerto Plata 57000
Tel. 809-261-3440
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am -11:00pm